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Big Paw Talent Show Big Paw

Over the last year, Casey has consistently had us rolling with laughter.  She definitely has some hidden talents that we haven't seen before in any other dogs.  Unfortunately, we don't carry a camera with us 24/7.
clear.gif (49 bytes) Show off!!!!!
Mommy, I think I'm ready for the talent show.
Paw Prints
Paw Prints
Paw Prints
Paw Prints
Watching Animal Planet
No, I didn't teach myself.  I was born ambidextrous. Hey, do you mind changing the channel to the Animal Planet?  I heard there was a show on Goldens.
Seal Imitation
Paw Prints
Paw Prints
Paw Prints
Paw Prints
"Lazy Dog"
Move over Shamu!  The main event - "Casey the Seal?" "Lazy as a Dog", I wonder where they got that expression???
Beauty Pageant Contestant Spacer
Is this a talent show or a beauty pageant?
USA Flag Proud to be an American Maryland Flag
Patriotic Puppy
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